I start with one premise: that that the Democratic Party is seriously broken, due mainly to the influence of corporate and big money donations, and partly due to the Party’s fear of internal debate. The Party repeatedly nurtures its candidates in intellectual bubbles, which protects them from outside criticism. This results in a selection process that heavily emphasizes money and platform orthodoxy. MY FELLOW DEMOCRATS: WE ARE IN A CROSSROADS OF OUR HISTORY: DO WE WANT TO KEEP GOING DOWN THE SAME ROAD OF BEING YET ANOTHER PARTY BEHOLDEN TO BIG MONEY INTERESTS, OR DO WE WANT TO SIEZE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO RE-MAKE OUR PARTY FROM WITHIN, AS THE PARTY BEHOLDEN TO ONLY ITS VOTERS? We are lucky to be living in District 19, which is not a gerrymandered district as so many others are. Our votes really count, and Roll Call recently rated incumbent Rep. John Faso the third most vulnerable House GOP member in the nation, “if Democrats nominate a candidate with district roots” in NY-19!

I whole-heartedly support the Democratic Party taking back the House in 2018, but only if it is a reformed DemocraticParty. WHAT GOOD WILL IT DO TO RE-TAKE THE HOUSE IF IT IS FULL OF THE SAME OLD “MAINSTREAM,” “CORPORATE,” OR THE MISTAKENLY-TITLED “CENTRIST” DEMOCRATS? (“Centrist” is actually now a misleading and dishonest word that really means “Moderate Republican.”) Don’t forget that the Democrats had a super majority in both the House and Senate for 4 years, from 2007 through 2010, and what got accomplished besides Obamacare (and only then by making numerous compromises to insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry) and the formation of the Tea Party? By the way, did you know that Obama’s largest single campaign contributor in 2008 was Goldman Sachs, and that Goldman Sachs contributed to several other powerful Democrats’ campaigns? Could that have had any connection to why the big banks were not prosecuted for the 2008 economic meltdown? I learned in 2016 that mostly the same corporate interests donate to both Republicans and Democrats, just to cover themselves no matter who is elected. The Mainstream Corporate Democrats are just as beholden to big money interests as the Republicans are. Moreover, of course these Democrats do not want to give up power. In 2016, the DNC went to ultra-extreme lengths to make sure the Mainstream Democrats stayed in power. NOW,THEY ARE AT IT AGAINthe DNC is denying “Justice Democrats” candidates access to its voter database called “VoteBuilder.” VoteBuilderhas become the central nervous system of every Democratic campaign, housing years of information on just about every contact the party has ever made with every voter. Developed through a partnership between the DNC and a company called NGP VAN, the tool gives campaigns the inside track on potential donors, volunteers, or voters out of a pool of thousands or, in the case of a presidential election, millions of people. In addition, both Jeff Beals and Dave Clegg received a phone call from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC), the other national “Mainstream” Democratic conduit besides the DNC for choosing which candidates to endorse, and therefore choosing which candidate will get money funneled to them. They received this call immediately after announcing their candidacies. The call consisted of only 2 questions: “How much money can you raise in the first quarter?” and “How much do you think you’ll need to win it all?” BOTH MEN RECEIVED A CALL FROM A LOCAL DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE DCCC CALL, AND WERE COACHED on what they would be asked and HOW TO ANSWER: “$300,000,” and “between $1,000,000 and  $2,000,000” respectively. You can go online and read about this in Rolling Stone’s article: “The Battle of Woodstock” (not the “Part II” version yet). Since then Jeff has received 3 monthly phone calls from the DCCC, asking him if he has met their fundraising goals, to which he as responded “no,” as he describes in his very recent interview on “This American Life” radio show and podcast.

FDR’s Letter to Corporate Democrats Will Blow Your Mind

in 1940 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote a letter to corporate democrats in which he threatened to decline his nomination for a third term if they did not support his progressive Vice Presidential pick Henry Wallace. His sentiments about the need for Democrats to be more progressive applies even more to today’s world.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention

July 18, 1940

Members of the Convention:

In the century in which we live, The Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity,has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government. The party has failed consistently when through trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.

The Republican Party has made its nominations this year at the dictation of those who, we all know, always place money ahead of human progress. The Democratic Convention, as appears clear from the events of today, is divided on this fundamental issue. Until the Democratic Party through this convention makes overwhelmingly clear its stand in favor of social progress and liberalism, and shakes off all the shackles of control fastened upon it by the forces of conservatism, reaction, and appeasement, it will not continue its march of victory.

It is without question that certain political influences pledged to reaction in domestic affairs and to appeasement in foreign affairs have been busily engaged behind the scenes in the promotion of discord since this Convention convened. Under these circumstances, I cannot, in all honor, and will not, merely for political expediency, go along with the cheap bargaining and political maneuvering which have brought about party dissension in this convention.

It is best not to straddle ideals.

In these days of danger when democracy must be more than vigilant, there can be no connivance with the kind of politics which has internally weakened nations abroad before the enemy has struct from without. It is best for America to have the fight out here and now.

I wish to give the Democratic Party the opportunity to make its historic decision clearly and without equivocation. The party must go wholly one way or wholly the other. It cannot face in both directions at the same time.

By declining the honor of the nomination for the presidency, I can restore that opportunity to the convention. I so do.

(The Letter was never sent, because Eleanor Roosevelt flew to the Convention in Chicago and convinced the delegates to unite behind Henry Wallace.)

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