Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan, now the No. 2 fundraiser at $1,622,053, is the opposite of “Progressive” — “The Intercept” reports that he “has the backing of the more conservative elements of the Democratic Party,” and that “his campaign has won financial support from The New Democrat Coalition PAC, a group that supports business-friendly Democrats for Congress.” He also now has a Super PAC supporting him. But even more important than his money is his integrity: PAT RYAN IS DANGEROUS AND IMMORAL! “The Intercept” further reports that when working for a firm called Berico Technologies, Ryan “compiled a plan to create a real-time surveillance operation of left-wing groups and labor unions, hoping business lobbyists would pay top dollar to monitor and disrupt the actions of activist groups across the country.” In addition, “at one point, the proposal included the idea to spy on the families of high-profile Democratic activists and plant fake documents with labor unions in a bid to discredit them.” Shame on Ryan! In addition, on June 4 the website busted Ryan for getting his new Super PAC to “enlist a firm to call voters and drop negative information about Antonio Delgado, and gauge their reactions.” The website reports “With Honor Inc., a recently formed Super-PAC that supports both Republican and Democratic candidates who are veterans, paid Global Strategies Group LLC $17,500 for the polling, according to FEC filings. Global Strategies then outsourced the actual calls to Kalamata Research.” I also now have received TWELVE big glossy brochures from Ryan as well.

Ryan does not even sound like a Democrat, let alone a “Progressive Democrat.” I don’t believe he even wants to “get big money out of politics,” and his lack of integrity is beyond disgusting.

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