Erin Collier

Erin Collier of Cooperstown, our second-youngest candidate at 34, worked as an “agricultural economist” under the Obama Administration, and believes she can use that experience to “improve infrastructure, help businesses create good paying jobs, and fight for a $15 minimum wage.” She entered the race late and missed several debates, and her website lists only a few of the issues the other six debated. She seems narrowly focused on getting more women elected to Congress, which I vigorously support also, but I am put off by the male-bashing video on her website. In it, she says, “I’m a feminist,” and “I’m not going to let those boys [the other six candidates] beat me.” This race isn’t about “beating the boys” Erin – it’s about beating John Faso, and about working for the working class voters that actually do the electing. She’s now endorsed and funded by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Off the Sidelines” PAC ( She now leads the pack of seven candidates with the largest percentage of her contributions coming from out-of-District sources. As of May 31 I hadn’t received a single expensive glossy campaign flyer from her campaign, but as of today (June 23) I’ve received FIVE. She’s endorsed by the PAC “Emily’s List,” an organization that says, “We ignite change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office.” I fear that Erin might be a somewhat polarizing figure in Congress, possibly focusing only on women’s issues at the expense of the issues that affect all of us.

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